degree show - june 2006, huddersfield

for my fmp (final major project) i decided to concentrate on things that interested me. so i chose to use people & their social lives as my theme.

luckily i had a fair lot of influence around me through friends, social activities such as surfing, snowboarding & numerous nights out. through my love for photography (& drunken pics) i was able to capture many moments which i translated through my illustrations & embroidery.

my degree show embodied a mood that i was deeply feeling with the end of uni in sight. i used a tent (known as drunk tent 2 pandy & me) that had a strong reference to quite a number of people whether it be through drunken escapades, general socialising or surfing/snowboarding trips. i represent these moments & memories i filled the tent with photos. photos of people, socialising & having fun. friends & memories. the blanket of samples that incased the tent was a sort of security blanket. there to protect the memories & moments that had passed for all to remember.

i was really happy to see people payin attention to the inside of the tent as well as my illustrations, & happy to see people gettin inside it. people should continually delve in to the past & memories with a hands on approach.